London Essence Original Indian Tonic Water
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London Essence Original Indian Tonic Water



A lemony profile with lemon zest, cold-pressed lemon oils, calamansi lemon flavors, and a touch of chinotto. The juniper distillate brings a slight bitterness at the end of the mouth.

The London Essence Co. Indian Tonic will pair well with any gin or aged rum for a modern twist.

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Where does Tonic London Essence Original Indian Tonic Water come from?

The london essence company built its reputation in the early 20th century by distilling real flavors from the finest fruits and plants.

How is this Tonic made?

Using distillation rather than extraction, she has created delicate and refined essences for the London-based perfume, confectionery and beverage industries.
In 2016, the london essence archives were gathering dust and the company was relaunched with the goal of restoring its precise methods and reinvigorating the growing world of actual drinks.
The result is a light and balanced range of cocktail bases, perfectly designed and carefully crafted to highlight today’s best spirits, without abandoning the know-how and inventiveness of the founding company.

Why is it so popular?

A precise balance between the sweet citrus notes, the pleasant bitterness of quinine and the distilled essence of juniper.
Our juniper distillate brings out the elegance of your chosen drink, aided by the delicate level of sweetness.

Tasting Tip:

We recommend pairing this classic must-have with London dry gins, grain-based vodkas and even old rums.

By tasting it you will have :


Aromatic and citrus notes (lemony).

boucheA combination of fresh, lively and citrus notes. The juniper comes out in its most beautiful expression associated with pleasant notes of quinine and sweet notes of lemon.

Bottle : 20cl

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