Bombay Sapphire (Limited Edition 2021)



— Limited edition of 300, available exclusively at The Gin Addict! —

For the holiday season, the iconic brand with the blue bottle presents its new limited edition collector Creative Wall, conceived and created by 3 emerging artists: Arual, Tim Zdey and Ectomorphe in collaboration with the general public. Several months ago, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® brought together the creativity of these 3 artists for its groundbreaking Creative Wall project, a giant collaborative mural, to create the new label for its upcoming limited edition. After passing the baton to each other to create this unique work, and leaving it to the general public, Ectomorphe, Arual and Tim Zdey together selected a portion of the canvas to illustrate the year-end bottle label.

The final label is the result of this common work that brought together the worlds of each artist, who were able to create their own theater of expression on canvas and translate their very definition of what BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® is. A pop world and vibrant colors for Tim Zdey, travel and abstract forms for Ectomorphe, and a nature between dream and reality for Arual, such are the universes to be found on the new limited edition Creative Wall of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE®.

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Where does Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru gin come from?

Since 1987, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE has been THE reference for London Dry Gin.

The heart of Bombay Sapphire is in the United Kingdom, in the town of Laverstoke, where the distillery is located.

How is this gin made?

This gin contains a dozen botanicals (including juniper, coriander, almonds, lemon, angelica and licorice) that are carefully steamed during the distillation process in hanging baskets.

That’s why it’s so popular!

The result is a fine, light gin that makes it a must-have for your home bar.

This limited edition of 300 is available exclusively at The Gin Addict!

By tasting it you will have :

boucheBombay Sapphire gin is a light and particularly citrusy gin.

Bottle: 70cl

Alcohol: 40% Vol.

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Bombay Sapphire





Type of gin

London Dry






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